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The insider guide to Cyprus – now on iTunes

Some sunny news for a showery April afternoon: the insider guide to Cyprus, 250 Things to Do in Cyprus on a Sunny Day*, is now available from the iTunes Store. 250 Things to Do in Cyprus on a Sunny Day* is the perfect guidebook if you’re taking your iPad, iPhone or iPod with you to Cyprus. Written by former Cyprus resident Chris Alden, and updated for 2013, it’s full of honest recommendations of things to do – such as walking more »

20 more reasons to visit Cyprus on a sunny day:
9: Traditional Cyprus pottery

You’ll find them in many a Cypriot garden: huge, bulbous, clay jars, sometimes used as flowerpots and often found lying on their side. Known in Greek as πιθάρια (pitharia), these traditional Cyprus pots are the descendants of ancient Greek storage jars known as πίθοι (pithoi) – and assuming they’re original, they would have been made decades or even centuries ago to store water or foodstuffs such as oil and wine. What’s odd about pitharia is their shape: cone-bottomed, like an more »

20 more reasons to visit Cyprus on a sunny day:
10: Venetian Cyprus

Probably the most romantic of all the conquerors of Cyprus – and there have been many – the Venetians ruled the island from 1489 until 1571. But they came to power with one of the most infamous dynastic coups in early modern history: the marriage and abdication of Caterina Cornaro. Caterina was a 14-year-old Venetian, born to a rich trading family, who in 1468 married James II of Cyprus, a Lusignan noble known as “James the Bastard”. It was an more »

20 more reasons to visit Cyprus on a sunny day:
11-15: time, the alphabet, cars, snow & Blighty

Cyprus is full of little surprises - which is why I've put together a list of 20 more reasons to visit the island. And on a sunny day, usually, too.

Expats in Cyprus aren’t only there because of tax

“Decent, civil folk, who had been brought here … by a perfectly honourable passion for sunlight and low income tax.” Such is Lawrence Durrell’s description, in his classic 1950s travelogue Bitter Lemons, of British expats in Cyprus. The British passion for sunshine is undimmed, and by and large we’re as decent and as civil, but in this climate of austerity there is less sympathy available, it seems, for those expat Brits who retire to Cyprus and enjoy the current version more »